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Big news: Charlie has signed to Smithsonian's historic Folkways Recordings record label and will be releasing a new record in 2021! To celebrate, Charlie will be performing live at First Avenue in Minneapolis every Sunday night in January at 8pm CDT (5 nights total). Each night will include a fresh setlist of music, special guests, and possibly new song debuts. The streams will be broadcast live in realtime on Charlie's and First Avenue's Facebook and Youtube pages and will be open to the public with "pay what you want" ticket contributions being accepted through GoFundMe that will cover costs for performing artists and producing the livestreams.

- RSVP on Facebook

- "Pay what you want" ticket contributions

- More on Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

Other News

  • Sailboat Video

    Big thanks to Polecat Productions for making this fantastic video recreation of the terrifying events related in my song 'On Stealing A Sailboat'!

  • KFAI show

    Thank you KFAI for the chance to present some of my favorite songs each Monday at noon on their streaming service at KFAI.org.

  • Americana Highways interview

    Abraham Smith (of the Snarlin’ Yarns) and Charlie discuss the Present of Presence.

  • BGS Podcast

    Listen to Zach Lupetin's interview with Charlie on The Show On The Road podcast, presented by The Bluegrass Situation.

  • Bandcamp

    The older albums and exclusive live recordings are available digitally on Bandcamp.

  • Spotify

    Stream the latest releases CHARLIE PARR, Dog, Stumpjumper, and more on Charlie's Spotify page.

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