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Thank you KFAI for the chance to present some of my favorite songs each Monday at noon on their streaming service at KFAI.org.


•Abraham Smith (of the Snarlin’ Yarns) and Charlie interview each other in this Americana Highways feature: Talking the Present of Presence.

• Watch Charlie's recent live performance from the Big Top Chautauqua. You can stream the archived show via Youtube or Facebook.

• Minnesota United FC asked Charlie to perform the first-ever livestream concert from the middle of the pitch at Allianz Field to raise funds for the Official George Floyd Memorial Fund and Project for Pride in Living. Enjoy the set and please contribute if you have the means:
- Official George Floyd Memorial Fund
- Project for Pride in Living

Recent video streams: Blue Ox Music Festival: Live From The Pines, Live at The Hook and Ladder with Mikkel and Liz, "Spontaneously Improvised Guitar" set @ 2104, Livestream at Duluth Cider [show#1, show#2], Live from Earth Rider Brewery's Cedar Lounge taproom (with Brother Dave!), The Current "Sounds Like Home" festival, set from the 2019 Whispering Beard festival, live in the KEXP studio in 2019, set from the 2019 Blue Ox Festival.

portal iii is the name of an improvisational/experimental trio that I’ve been participating in. It’s quite a departure from the music I normally make, and I’m happy to say that our first recording is being released this month. I love the notion of deep listening, and the idea that music is playing constantly everywhere in the universe even if we don’t hear it or recognize it as such. Participating in this music with these dear friends has been inspiring and meaningful, but it’s also taught me to listen with all of my senses. There's only 500 copies of deep space drone vinyl for sale; You can order the record HERE.

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  • Sailboat Video

    Big thanks to Polecat Productions for making this fantastic video recreation of the terrifying events related in my song 'On Stealing A Sailboat'!

  • The Influences session

    Check out live performances of 'Hobo' and two traditional folk songs at The Influences.

  • Bike Rides Theme

    Charlie recorded a theme song for the Bike Rides Radio Show on KMSU Radio.

  • BGS Podcast

    Listen to Zach Lupetin's interview with Charlie on The Show On The Road podcast, presented by The Bluegrass Situation.

  • Bandcamp

    The older albums and exclusive live recordings are available digitally on Bandcamp.

  • Spotify

    Stream the latest releases CHARLIE PARR, Dog, Stumpjumper, and more on Charlie's Spotify page.

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