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Big news: Charlie has signed to Smithsonian's historic Folkways Recordings record label and will be releasing a new record in 2021!

Thank you to everyone who tuned in to the January residency live from First Avenue in Minneapolis. If you missed it, here's night 3 with special guest Alan Sparhawk.

Other News

  • Sailboat Video

    Big thanks to Polecat Productions for making this fantastic video recreation of the terrifying events related in my song 'On Stealing A Sailboat'!

  • KFAI show

    Thank you KFAI for the chance to present some of my favorite songs each Monday at noon on their streaming service at KFAI.org.

  • Americana Highways interview

    Abraham Smith (of the Snarlin’ Yarns) and Charlie discuss the Present of Presence.

  • BGS Podcast

    Listen to Zach Lupetin's interview with Charlie on The Show On The Road podcast, presented by The Bluegrass Situation.

  • Bandcamp

    The older albums and exclusive live recordings are available digitally on Bandcamp.

  • Spotify

    Stream the latest releases CHARLIE PARR, Dog, Stumpjumper, and more on Charlie's Spotify page.

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