Criminals & Sinners (2002)
1922 (2002)
King Earl (2004)
Rooster (2005)
Backslider (2006)
Jubilee (2007)
Roustabout (2008)
When the Devil Goes Blind (2010)
Glory in the Meeting House (2010)
Keep Your Hands on the Plow (2011)
Barnswallow (2013)
Hollandale (2014)
Stumpjumper (2015)
Dog (2017)
Last of the Better Days Ahead (2021)


Too Much Liquor, Not Enough Gasoline (2009)
Cheap Wine (2011)

Vinyl Releases

Worried Blues 7" b/w "Write Me A Few Lines" (End of the Road Records, 2008)
Roustabout (Misplaced Music, 2009)
When the Devil Goes Blind (Nero's Neptune Records, 2010)
Where You Gonna Be? 7" b/w "Stepback Cindy" (Great Pop Supplement, 2010)
EastMont Syrup (Thrill Jockey, 2011)
Glory in the Meeting House (Klang, 2011)
Criminals & Sinners (self-released, 2011)
Keep Your Hands on the Plow (House of Mercy Recordings, 2011)
King Earl (Chaperone Records, 2012)
Barnswallow (self-released, 2013)
What Do You Think About Jesus 7" b/w Dosh remix (Electric Fetus, 2013)
Rooster (Chaperone Records, 2013)
Last Night I Dreamed I Saw Paul Bunyan (Chaperone Records, 2013)
Live at the Brewhouse (Brewhouse Records, 2013)
Hollandale (Chaperone Records, 2014)
Daytrotter session (Daytrotter, 2014)
Ramblin' Bones Outlastin' You 7" (Chaperone Records, 2014)
• "Over the Red Cedar" b/w "Delia" (Red House Records, 2015)
I Ain't Dead Yet (Red House Records, 2016)
Dog (Red House Records, 2017)
CHARLIE PARR (Red House Records, 2019)
Last of the Better Days Ahead (Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, 2021)

Guest appearances and collaborations

Down in the Valley: Barn Aid Benefit Concert (2001)
• "Where Does the Ice Go?" on Weightless by Bill Isles (2001)
• "Drinking Again" on ...The Size of Planets by Haley Bonar (2003)
• "Waiting So Long" on Desire by JoAnna James (2005)
• "Wagon Train" on Swamp Dog by Billy Southern (2007)
• "Last Kind Word Blues," "Train 45," "Twin Sisters" on Hobo Handshake by The Black Twig Pickers (2008)
• "Bethlehem," "Jerusalem" on Think Out Loud: Music Serving the Homeless In the Twin Cities (2010)
EastMont Syrup with The Black Twig Pickers (2011)
• "Turn Your Money Green," "Rope Stretchin' Blues" on Mississippi Roll by Jack Klatt and the Cat Singers (2012)
• "Little Bird" on Apple in the Ocean by Mary Bue (2012)
• "Hard Rain" on Spirit of Minneapolis by 4onthefloor (2013)
Ramblin' Bones Outlastin' You with Ben Weaver (2014)
• "Wouldn't Mind Working From Sun to Sun" on Wouldn't Mind Working From Sun to Sun by Kyle Ollah (2016)
• "BoxKart" on Libero by Pilote (2016)
• "Jubilee" on Big Voice by Woodblind (2016)
Greyhound by Jeff Mitchell (2018)
• "The Long Way Around" by Gaelynn Lea (2019)
• "Annie Jones" with David Daniels (2020)
Hobo Radio with Brian Beatty (2021)
• "Hope" by Soo Line Loons (2021)

portal iii

• "Super Worm Moon Phase 1"
portal iii

Compilation contributions

• "1922 Blues" (live) on Live at Beaners One Week (2002)
• "Right Between the Eyes" on Iron Country (2003)
• "Bullfrog Blues" on Green Fever (2003)
• "Roses While I'm Living" (live) on Misplaced Pets (2004)
• "Who Killed Cock Robin?," "1917" on Who Killed Cock Robin? soundtrack (2005)
• "Henry Lee," "Peg and Awl," "Spike Driver Blues," "My Name is John Johanna" (w/ Christian McShane) on Tribute to the Anothology of American Folk Music (2005)
• "Pretty Polly" (w/ Christian McShane) on Keepsake Volume 2: Covers (2005)
• "By and By, I’m Going to See the King" on Artists in Resonance Vol. II (2006)
• "To a Scrapyard Bus Stop" on Rough Trade Shops: Singer Songwriter 1 (2006)
• "King Earl" (live) on Beaner's Central - One Week Live IV (2006)
• "Blind Willie McTell" on Duluth Does Dylan Revisited (2006)
• "Green Rocky Road" (w/ Emily Parr) on Concert for Kateri (2006) and Treasure Chest (2007)
• "Just Like Today" on Homegrown Rawk and/or Roll: Starfire's Mix (2007)
• "Coffee's Gone Cold" on The Lot: Echolocations Disc 6.1 (2008)
• "1922 Blues" (live) on Homegrown Silage: Foreclosure & Eviction (2008)
• "O Come All Ye Faithful" on The Best of the Midwest Christmas Jam (2008)
• "Cheap Wine" on Headwater Blues: A Sampler (2009)
• "Paul Bunyan's Fall" on Open Strings: Early Virtuoso Recordings From The Middle East, And New Responses (2009)
• "I Wish I Was a Mole in the Ground" (live) on Music in the Zoo Volume 5 (2009)
• "What a Friend We Have in Jesus," "Just Like Today" on Red Hill soundtrack (2010)
• "This World Is Not My Home" (w/ Mike Gangloff) on Honest Strings: A Tribute To Jack Rose (2010)
• "Wild Bill Jones" (live), "Cheap Wine" (live) on Old Stage Tapes (2010)
• "I Dreamed I Saw Jesse James Last Night" (live) on Best of the First 1,000: Highlights from (2010)
• "Cold Iron" on The Oak, Ash & Thorn Project (2011)
• "Rabbit Box" on Minnesota Remembers Vic Chesnutt (2011)
• "Where You Gonna Be?" (live) on Local Current v.1 (2011)
• "Highway 61 Revisited" (w/ The Black-Eyed Snakes) on Another Side of Duluth Does Dylan (2011)
• "Rocky Raccoon" (w/ Nicholas Mrozinski) on Minnesota Beatle Project Volume 3 (2011)
• "John Henry" (live) on Homegrown Rawk and/or Roll: Mayor's Mix (2011)
• "Gospel Plow" on American Buffalo (2012)
• "Mastodon" on What's Kickin' Volume 5 (2012)
• "Migrant Boxcar Train" on We Love to Be Free (2012)
• "Temperance River Blues" (w/ The Murder of Crows) on Industry​.​Peace​.​Environment.1 (2013)
• "Barnswallow" on Bird Songs (2013)
• "Manifold" on While No One Was Looking: Toasting 20 Years of Bloodshot Records (2014)
• "Over the Red Cedar" and "Jubilee" on The Latsch Sessions Vol. 1 (2014)
• "This Old Building is Leanin'" on Voice: Songs for Those Who Are Silenced (2015)
• "Otis Meets the Devil" on Devil Music (2016)
• “Quinn the Eskimo” (w/ Devil’s Flying Machine) on Bringing it All Back to Duluth Does Dylan (2016)
• "Slim Tall's Christmas on the Lam" on Christmas on the Lam and Other Songs From the Season (2016)
• "I Wonder How Long 'til I Can Change My Clothes " on Homegrown Rawk and/or Roll: Jim Hall's Mix (2017)
• "Shake 'Em On Down" (live w/ Dave Hundrieser) on Cedar Sessions volume 1 (2017)
• "Falcon" (live at the Paramount Theatre) on KFAI Minneculture Mixtape (2018)
• "Old Dog Blue" on KUMD Live from Studio A volume 1 (2018)
• "Ain't No Grave" (live) on IMC Volume One (2020)
• "A Meditation for George Floyd" on Out of the Ashes (2020)
• "To A Scrapyard Bus Stop" (live) on Bands For Cans Volume 2 (2020)
• "Love Is An Unraveling Bird's Nest" (live) on Live from The Heart: The Sacred Heart Music Center Quarantine Sessions (2022)

Miscellaneous recordings

Sound No Song
• "Get On Board" : original song featured in the Minnesota History Center's "Then Now Wow" exhibit.
Untitled CD w/ T.J. Thissen and Mikkel Beckmen (1999)
Charlie Parr (2001)
Traditional & Original American Folk Music (2001)
Live at Satori (2014)
The January Thaw Series : Live at the Turf Club (2016)
Blues for the Caribou River Wayside
Folk Songs


• A Good Birth (2006)
Pedal to the Midnight Sun (2006)
Big Highway (2011)
Lost Duluth (2012)
Riding the Highline (2015)