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Riding the Highline is a short documentary film about poet brothers Kai and Anders Carlson-Wee hopping trains across the country. The soundtrack features music by Charlie Parr, Almeda Riddle, Abner Jay, Sleep, Charles Osgood, and Bascom Lunsford.

Meeting Charlie Parr is a documentary about Charlie produced by French filmmakers Francois-Xavier Dubois, Charles Dubois, Julien Bertrand, and Nicolas Reverchon. The film premiered at le Sentier des Halles in May 2013 and has been shown at the The Duluth Superior Film Festival, Mile of Music Festival, and Sound Unseen. Chaperone Records released a limited edition LP soundtrack to the film titled I Dreamed I Saw Paul Bunyan Last Night.

Purchase mp3s from soundtrack at iTunes or Google Play.

Watch Lost Duluth, a historical documentary with an original soundtrack by Charlie that aired on WDSE•WRPT based on the book "Lost Duluth" by Tony Dierckins & Maryanne C. Norton.

Charlie says the songs are all improvs built around a couple old songs, variations on a theme from 'Poor Boy, Long Ways from Home,' etc. Stream the entire soundtrack below.

Wolf Heart Blacksmithing in Duluth put together this video that includes a new recording of "Cheap Wine" with Lane Prekker on percussion.

Knives, axes, jewelry and more at

"After a winter of correspondence over essential gear, food, and expectations for the summer’s expedition, J.J. Kelley and Josh Thomas embark for the arctic. Their plan is to follow the Alaska Pipeline to its source, as far north as the US Highway system will take them. The spirited story features the wildlife, wild people, and oddities of the isolated northwest state. The fellows share a 20th century resonance philosophy of throwing all your possessions together and make off with a grand adventure."

On their blog they write "Charlie provided Pedal to the Midnight Sun, with a driving sound throughout. The determined music vibrating through his National resonator guitar mirrored the ongoing struggle that Josh and J.J. undertook as they powered to the Arctic Ocean. Charlie’s organic soundtrack—beyond measures—complemented the still beauty of the Alaskan landscape."

Be sure to check out this brilliant concept film by director Lance Lindahl, Big Highway, featuring live performances of "I Wish I Was in Heaven Sitting Down" and "Where You Gonna Be (When the Good Lord Calls You Home?)."

"I have been a fan of Charlie for sometime thanks to Jon Oelke our music supervisor. I have spent as many hours as anybody, listening to his music alone, drunk, and content. He has been a hero to me and an artist that I can only take from, though I wish I could give back. I still can't believe we had the chance to work with him and how amazing it was. I know that his music will stand the test of time and will outlast me and my frailties. My whole reason for wanting to make Big Highway is to see the images I have in my mind meshed with the music that I have in my head. I will forever get to say I drove Charlie's mini van (moved it for snow plow parking in Eau Claire) and got to meet an icon. Makes me have to go listen to his music now." - Lance Lindahl

Visit Big Highway's Facebook page for more information and updates.

Kyle Rosfeld makes boots using techniques developed in the early 1900's. Learn about the history of cowboy boots in this documentary directed by Tara Young for Etsy with music by Steve Gunn and Charlie Parr.

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Charlie contributed several songs to the Red Hill soundtrack, an Australian Western released in 2010. He recorded some incidental music for the film and, at the request of the filmmakers, wrote an original country song for a scene. "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" and "Just Like Today" also appear in the film and on the commercially released soundtrack.