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When the Devil Goes Blind Lyrics

Recorded in Wild Sound studio, my only real attempt at recording in a studio. I’d tried to record this batch twice before this and failed and then called Bo Ramsey who agreed to come and listen and had some great suggestions and helped me with mastering and gave me a lot of encouragement for trying to record a truly solo record. We were done in about 3 hours, no tracking, never a 3rd take, and only two 2nd takes, just me and a bureau drawer to kick my heel against. Then we went out for Indian food in what used to be a gas station.

I Dreamed I Saw Jesse James Last Night / South of Austin, North of Lyle /
Where You Gonna Be (when the good lord calls you home) / For The Drunkard’s Mother /
1890 / Up Country Blues / Mastodon / I Was Lost Last Night / Last Day

For a little while I got so preoccupied by Ned Kelly that I drove everyone around me nuts. My Dad was that way a little bit about Jesse James. It’s romantic, I know, and the reality is terrible.

dreamed i saw jesse james