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Criminals & Sinners Lyrics

Recorded at Mark Lindquist's Shakey Ray studio in 2001. One afternoon Mark was finishing up someone else's tape and we had a limited amount of time to record a quick album. Mikkel and I had been playing those songs for a while so we knew them up one side and down the other. My friend Lee Johnson was there and did a few things on the album. It was as punk rock as you can get - we just sat down and played, everything was first takes, live and raw, in front of a couple pretty bad quality microphones - and that was it. We did a sloppy version of a Henry Thomas song called "Bull Doze Blues," which we titled "Up Country Blues" and after we finished the song Mark came out of his control booth and told us that the tape ran out one beat after that song. So, we knew we were done. It's kind of short but that's the way it needed to be, it felt right to do it that way. Most of the songs on here I don't play anymore but I'm happy with how the record turned out.

Asa Jones’ Blues / Lowdown / Song for Loren B. / Henry Young’s Body /
I Wonder How Long til I Can Change My Clothes / Eli Green / Annie Melton

About a guy who was set up and framed just because he was an easy target. He was wayward enough that no one would be bothered by an injustice happening to him because he made them uncomfortable anyway. There's a lot of Asa Jones' out there.

asa jones blues