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King Earl Lyrics

King Earl was recorded in one evening in local punk band's rehearsal space. We set up this little double track, 1/4" reel-to-reel and recorded the album like a live show. There's only one second take on it and that's the V8 Ford Blues thing. We just did the songs as they came and went on home.

Possessed By The Devil / Union Tramp / Reverend's Eviction Blues /
V8 Ford Blues pt. 2 / King Earl / Ode to a New Dealer / Mule Rider /
1917 / Jefferson Street Express / West Bank 10-String Rag

It feels like pictures of me at different points in my life, maybe up until the end. I don't really know where the song came from. I worked with a guy who never talked to me hardly at all, the only time he ever spoke to me was to say "if you've got blood on your hands, you don't belong in church."

possessed by the devil