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Jubilee Lyrics

Jubilee was recorded in Dave Hundrieser's garage during an unseasonably warm March. We borrowed a tape machine from Alan Sparhawk, a 1/2" 8 track machine that weighs as much as a fridge, and brought that over. The only real hitch was that Dave couldn't get the Suburban started so we couldn't move the boat out of the garage. So we left the boat in there with us. Recording the album was like a big party - Dave smoked a pork shoulder and brewed a few kegs of beer and we had some friends over. We opened up the garage door and recorded the mellower songs in the afternoon. If you have a really good rig you can hear birds on some of those, especially on "Last Freight Out Of Asheville." The rest of the album was recorded in the evening when we were all pretty well drunk. Listening through it the next day though I heard that it captured the moment really well so we just left it as it was. It's a live record, performed to the neighborhood.

I was pretty happy with this batch of songs. By the time Jubilee came around I was pretty comfortable with the way songs come to me and just letting them be what they wanted to be. I don't have a lot to do with it sometimes. A song is going to be what it is and you're just waiting to write it down. It was clear to me on this record that was the way it was going to be.

Jubilee / Coffee's Gone Cold / Just Like Today / Riding Lawnmower Blues / V8 Ford Blues /
Bonneville / Twenty-Nine / You Can't Win / Stingray / Last Freight Out of Asheville