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Roustabout Lyrics

Roustabout was recorded by Tom Herbers using a portable reel-to-reel normally used for movie soundtrack work. We recorded in Mikkel's front room, Dave's front room, the Clown Lounge (basement to the Turf Club in St. Paul), the lounge at Ed's (no name) Bar in Winona and generally had a great month bumming around Minnesota with this machine looking for quiet places to sit down and record. The fidelity is low, and the phonic is mono, getting us a lot of flack from radio stations but I like it alright anyway. The instrumental track, "adrift in lake Superior at sunrise" has also garnered a lot of reverse praise, and was achieved by scraping a violin bow over the strings of my National. I think it's still my favorite track from this record, even if I'm all alone in that.

Don’t Send Your Child to War / Far Cry From Fargo / Warmin’ by the Devil’s Fire /
Midnight has come and Gone / Come Along and See /
Cropduster / The B&J’s nothing but a hole in the Ground / Farmer

Mike Gangloff once showed me a film of the Hammonds family playing a fiddle tune where a set of thin sticks were used to hammer out a rhythm on the strings while the fiddler played (fiddlesticks) and so Mikkel and I tried it out with the banjo on this tune. He's using a set of chopsticks we lifted from Emily and now she doesn't want them back anymore.

don't send your child to war