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What the critics are saying

"Taking acoustic blues and folk to the darkest edges of town via driving arrangements which emphasize steam-driven tempos and a doom- slinging attitude over spit and polish studio shine, Parr nonetheless manages to sound both breathtakingly immediate and authentically antiquated at the same time." — No Depression

"The progression of Parr being aided by accompaniment never comes across as unnatural, or even unusual, even if you’ve been listening to him play alone for years. It’s with incredible ease that he enters into this new sound, almost like he’s always been playing with a band, but the rest of us just couldn’t hear it." — Saving Country Music

"Stumpjumper is a marvel. Parr's songs and performances storm out of the speakers, loud and dangerous and funny and dire." — Ramblets.NET

"The eleven tracks wash into each other with a marvelous, rolling rhythmic quality that captures the full range of modern country, Appalachian tradition and roots music." — Music News Nashville

"Parr's affinity for writing dateless material and the down-home production of Phil Cook is what forges such a strong link between Stumpjumper and music from a century ago. Tales like "Falcon," "Frank Miller Blues," and "Resurrection" could all pass as American folk standards." — Exclaim! Music

"Stumpjumper proves that Parr's a master musician, a craftsman utterly devoted to the task at hand, and adept at using his own unique style to create something that, although totally original, very clearly has its roots in the familiar." — Folk Alley

"A particularly lively batch of workingman's blues...The casual, back-porch jam aesthetic suits the material perfectly." — Missoula Independent

"Charlie Parr‘s latest album, Stumpjumper, is a hot one. As usual he draws from the well of human suffering, but does so with humor and just a dash of folk tale mystery. Parr benefits from the additional band members, who offer percussive accents to his mesmerizing resonator and 12-string blues style picking." — American Standard Time Stumpjumper interview


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Album Lyrics

01. Evil Companion
02. Empty Out Your Pockets
03. Falcon
04. Remember Me If I Forget
05. On Marrying a Woman with an Uncontrollable Temper
06. Over the Red Cedar
07. Resurrection
08. Stumpjumper
09. Temperance River Blues
10. Frank Miller Blues

              stumpjumper band

band pic 2

Charlie Parr - Voice, 12-string, National Steel Guitar, and Fretless Banjo

Emily Parr - Harmony

Phil Cook - Harmony, Short Piano, Steel Guitar, Banjo, and Electric Guitar

Ryan Gustafson - Electric Bass, Fiddle, Banjo

James Wallace - Drums, Piano

Recorded at Down Yonder Farm in Hillsborough, NC on October 11 - 13, 2014.

Photos by Sara Padgett Heathcott,
Endless Endless

Video Playlist

Evil Companion (live at Haw River Ballroom)

On Marrying A Woman With An Uncontrollable Temper (Couch by Couchwest)

Over The Red Cedar (White Wall Session)

Temperance River Blues (Violitionist Session)

Frank Miller Blues(White Wall Session)

Delia (Kitchen Song Session)